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The next version of GPassword Manager, with a better interface, more secure encryption and less cumbersome name.

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Gryptonite (formerly GPassword Manager)

Secure, cross-platform application for managing secrets such as passwords, credit card numbers, PIN numbers and files. It can pretty much hold any data you want to keep secret, and protects it with a single master password and/or keyfile.

Features include (but not limited to):

A note from the developer

This has been my brainchild since I started it in 2009. I am a computer engineer, and when I graduated from college I could write embedded code but had no idea how to implement a GUI. Originally called GPassword Manager, I used this application as a starter project for me to learn GUI development in C++. I released a couple versions and then took a long break from the project to work on other things. One day while revisiting the code for nostalgia purposes I realized just how bad the code was - despite the application being nice and easy to use. It wasn't just bad coding practices (like having no distinguishable layers, or storing pointers in integers...) but I also noticed the encryption was haphazard and unsecure. I spent the next couple years completely rearchitecting everything - I practically threw everything out and started from scratch.

The new application - Gryptonite - is a vast improvement over GPassword Manager in every aspect. The encryption is MUCH more secure, the database backend is multithreaded for optimal responsiveness and I fully implemented storing files in the database, which was not possible in the old database format. I really hope you enjoy the new version, as this application has been a big part of my life since 2009, both as a developer and a user.